Our passions

We are passionate about our work. Beyond designing new products and services, we are excited about the idea of being able to transform experiences and organizations. Our desire is to imagine and design, together with our clients, new ways to improve people lives.

01. Devising value ecosystems

It is difficult for organizations to achieve a continuous and profitable growth. For growth to occur we must have a knowledge of the behavior and needs of users, a creative response to that knowledge and, design the right strategy to meet those needs.

We love exploring and discovering the key factors of business growth: why people behave as they do? What leads them to change their behavior? What is the context where they use their products? Everything else flows from these issues, informing all aspects of strategy and execution.

At Upwelling we approach growth as a multi-disciplinary challenge. It helps our clients implement new ideas to catalyze growth on their business ecosystems by aligning possibilities with market needs.

02. Transforming experiences

One of the secrets of the most successful companies is the ability to generate product-service ecosystems that go beyond anything material. Not only to provide products and services but an engaging, useful and meaningful experience.

Building a better user experience must begin with the knowledge of customers in their context of use. What are they going to appreciate? How do they want to be treated? What is the relationship with the customer once purchased they have purchased the product? What features of the product-service solve their problems? How do they improve their daily life?

At Upwelling we help our clients build ecosystems that facilitate interaction with people by designing attractive and innovative products and services ecosystems.

03. Leading through human-centred innovation

We live in an increasingly uncertain and competitive global market with a continuous flow of new products and services. To thrive and survive, organizations must strike a balance between optimization of products and services they already offer and discovering new business opportunities.

We understand this exciting challenge as a design challenge we embrace with the multidisciplinary and human-centered approach .

The ability of organizations to innovate lies in its processes and work culture.To successfully address these scenarios we need new processes,tools and skills.

At Upwelling we work with organizations and teams to integrate the innovation process into organizational cultures.We help our clietns to create visionary organizations that lead and transform the world by improving people lives.

04. Designing the future

At Upwelling we firmly believe the best way to predict the future is to create it. Technology has allowed the emergence of sophisticated and accurate products and services , but it has also helped to create a trend of (towards) complexity.

Many of our interactions and experiences with products and services in sectors such as health, finance, insurance or transport are overwhelming, confusing, and more often than desired, hard to understand.

At Upwelling we are experts in dreaming, thinking and designing new ways of connecting people and technology. We want to create a future designed by and for people.